2018 WPL All-Star Match Line-ups Announced

by | Jul 28, 2018

Tomorrow the 2018 WPL All-Stars East vs. West Match will kick off in Pioneer Stadium at 2:30pm MST! There’s still time to get your tickets and join the action packed event at the University of Denver put on by Rugged Rugby Tour! Get your tickets at ruggedrugbytour.com/tix! Both teams have been assembled at DU since Thursday afternoon in preparation for the match working with their coaches Kittery Wagner-Ruiz and Rosalind Chou with Rob Cain joining the group as well.

“It has been an honor to work with this All-Star group of athletes. I look forward to the East vs. West clash and hope that this can be the start of a yearly tradition!” Kittery Wagner-Ruiz said looking back at the 2 days of training in preparation for the WPL All-Star match.

West Lineup

  1. Sarah Chobot
  2. Kristen Shilo Shalosky
  3. Adrienne Ace Acosta
  4. Kadie Sanford
  5. Joanna McElroy
  6. Brittany Simunac
  7. Kris Peterson
  8. Christiane Pheil
  9. Jenny Lui
  10. Hannah Stolba
  11. Kimdinh Tran
  12. Juliann Tordonato
  13. Megan Foster
  14. Denali Graham
  15. Alli Hale
  16. Charli Jacoby (wearing 17)
  17. Charley Thompson (wearing 21)
  18. Colleen Cribbs (wearing 20)
  19. Kelsie O’Bien (wearing 22)

East Lineup

  1. Megan Rom
  2. Emily Jones
  3. Jess Davis
  4. Alycia Washington
  5. Sam Luther
  6. Darian Lovelace
  7. Gio Cruz
  8. Tahlia Brody
  9. Shelby Lin
  10. Kristen Siano
  11. Kaelene Lundstrom
  12. Maggie Olney
  13. Lauran Glover
  14. Monique Compito
  15. Jenn Salomon
  16. Andrea Villanova
  17. Ali Gillberg
  18. Yeja Dunn
  19. Alexa Scott
  20. Misha Green
  21. Chooka Saunders