Contribute To The WPL!

The WPL is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that promotes rugby at all levels in the US, with a focus on high level play and encouraging it’s growth for the women’s game domestically.

The purpose of the Women’s Premiership League is to serve the following goals:

  1. Increase the number of highest quality competitive matches played by women’s club teams in the United States.
  2. Provide a competitive structure that offers incentive to clubs to perform well throughout the course of an entire season, as well as at the National Championships.
  3. Encourage teams in all Divisions to consistently perform at a higher level of play by demonstrating competitive excellence, and meeting set requirements and expectations, as well as creating a mechanism for promotion to a higher league, D2 to D1 and D1 to Premiership, as appropriate.
  4. Support the growth and sustainability of each member club, with an ideal of a strong, long-lasting club with well-organized administration, a consistent and competitive second side and a successful youth program.
  5. Honor a key tradition among women’s rugby clubs that every player who is interested is welcome, regardless of skill level or athletic potential.
  6. Promote the development of all players.
  7. Support the development of the women’s game by using National Panel referees for League matches and the National Championship.
  8. Achieve these goals without significantly increasing the amount of money teams and players are already spending to compete.


Ever mindful of the precepts, the Women’s Premier League shall endure as an organization in service to the tradition of rugby football, seeking no profits or rewards other than the satisfaction of being a participant in the honorable games.

For more information and to see proof of our 501(c)(3) status, please contact us at

Support the WPL All-Stars!

We are currently raising money for the upcoming WPL All-Star Match that will be help in Denver, CO as the main fixture of Rugged Rugby Tour’s Denver stop July 28th, 2018! There are corporate sponsorship options still available, more information is included in our sponsorship packet! 

You can also help us meet our goals for that event by donating with our PayPal button or buying a supporter t-shirt available in our shop! All proceeds donated up until the event will go directly to the player costs for room and board during the assembly prior to the event! Every little bit helps!