by | Oct 31, 2019

CHRIS TURNER  •  OCTOBER 31, 2019  • Glendale, CO

The Women’s Premier League Championship weekend is finally upon us.  With a grueling 2019 regular season campaign in the rear view mirror, the upcoming jam-packed weekend will be the battle grounds for WPL supremacy.  Infinity Park Turf Fields in Glendale, CO will be the host ground for the impending clashes, with snow on the ground mixed with a heavy dose of sunshine to be forecasted for the entire weekend ahead.  With all twelve clubs flying into Glendale for the event series, there will be non-stop action of consolation and final standings positions on the line. On Friday, November 1st, the first heats will commence with the bottom finishing clubs battling for positioning, finishing with the semi-final matches to wrap up the evening.



To kickoff the first semi-finalist game, the #1 West seeded, Life West (7-1) will battle #2 East seeded, New York Rugby (5-3).  New York had battled the entire season in their 2nd-4th place positioning all campaign-long. Their playoff berth came from an exciting final regular season game against Beantown RFC, in a winner-take-all match.  With the 32-12 victory, New York has earned the right to play the West’s top team, in Life West. The Gladiatrix were a buzzsaw early in the season, until they ran into Glendale for their second match. Since, they have been convincing in all their wins, except for the 1 point victory to Berkeley.  Since, the Life West team have re-centered themselves in having their sights on the WPL crown. New York will have to battle relentlessly to keep this very strong Life West cub outside of the tryzone.


In the other semi-finalist matchup, the #1 East seeded, Atlanta Harlequins (7-1) will play the local host club #2 West seeded, Glendale Merlins (7-1).  The Harlequins had stumbled out of the gate with an opening season loss to Beantown, but since had rode a seven-game tear throughout the Eastern Conference, with their closest win at 15 point differential.  The Merlins have have had a similar path, losing their opening match against the #1 seeded Life West side, but since have won every game, including their revenge against the Gladiatrix. Both of these clubs have had an impressive offensive and defensive seasonal efforts in leading their respective conferences in points scored, along with having stellar defensive schemes in points against: Atlanta (310/107) & Glendale (334/142).  Expect an incredibly even matchup with both sides capable of breaking open the game, at a moment’s notice.