We know it’s been a long time, we miss you all too! Here are some updates on what is going on with the WPL and when you can expect to see the high level rugby action we all know and love!

WPL is now a spring based league

After many years of playing in the fall, the WPL Reps voted on a plan that was devised in part with the Competitions/Scheduling committee which moved the main WPL league season to the spring to align better with international playing windows and also D1/D2 Championships. This was supposed to start Spring 2021, but was postponed because of COVID-19. 

WPL Reps voted for a partial fall competition

Earlier this year the WPL reps discussed and voted about what to do with rugby in the ever changing climate of COVID-19. As you all know the league spans the whole country and clubs are located in 9 major metro areas, this complicates things because of varying health department requirements and adds a lot of exposure risk with travel. 
When discussing playing in the fall to get players on the pitch prior to the main spring league season, results were mixed. Mixed levels of comfort in travel/playing, mixed levels of ability to field a whole squad or schedule practice/playing time. The conclusion was to have self scheduled fall matches focused on regional play to lessen costs/risk. If your club wants to play matches, then feel free to schedule them, all fall matches are considered friendlies and do not have any effect on standings/seeding for the Spring 2022 season.  

Spring 2022 will be the next official WPL league season

It will start April 2022 and will culminate in a June championship weekend. We will be working with club reps to complete the schedule in the coming months and it will be finalized November 2021 (it is standard that WPL schedules are released about 5 months ahead of their start date).We will continue to monitor the ongoing pandemic and continue to communicate with WPL Reps from each team and to prioritize the health and safety of our athletes.  
With the early June championship in mind we are also opening bids for championship hosts. Those who are interested in hosting should contact us to find out more details/requirements.

Are you interested in being a part of WPL leadership?

 While each team has at least one representative that attends meetings and communicates between the league and their clubs, we are always excited to meet motivated humans who want to be involved in bettering the WPL. Please reach out to us or your reps to find out information about upcoming meetings or ongoing committee work!